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This is the root of the NAWCC Member Image Archive. 

The links at the left go to pages for each of the image donors with thumbnails and in some cases descriptions of the images. The full size images as received are available by clicking on the thumbnails. If you hold the cursor over the thumbnail, a brief description of at least the file name and size should appear.

Waltham Serial Numbers
The Waltham Serial Number database is also available here. Please click on the link below to look up information on Waltham production dates for watches with serial numbers below 7,555,000. The remaining serial numbers are available without date information. We are in the process of adding information on observed watches to refine the information and provide some date information for the later production.

Elgin Serial Numbers Elgin Private Labels
Elgin serial numbers are also available at the web site along with a great deal of other research material from various sources presented by Wayne Schlitt. John Fogarty is developing a database of Elgin Private Label makers, which is hosted here and also mirrored on the Elgin Watches web site.

Howard Serial Numbers
Bob Rolfe, Dave Chaplain and Chapter 149 have collaborated to put the production records from E. Howard & Co. on-line. This, like the Waltham serial numbers is a work in progress. The data is available for numbers from 3,301 to 834,040. It does not have information on the Howard Series I and II, but does have quite a lot of information on the watches Waltham produced for E. Howard & Co. The serial numbers from the later E. Howard Watch Co. (Keystone Howard) are not available.

New York Watch Co. Serial Numbers
Greg Frauenhoff has been collecting information on New York Watch Co. watches for some time now and has also transcribed the information that Dick Ziebell produced about 20 years ago. This information is available at this link.

Cornell Watch Co. Serial Numbers
Greg Frauenhoff has produced a table with a number of serial number observations for the Cornell group of watch companies. His information is available at this link.