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These queries operate on a database of abstracts of clock and watch patents that was apparently transcribed from the Patent Gazette in the 1970's. The queries are arranged so that you can retrieve the full entry for each patent by searching on a date, inventor, or keyword from the abstract. The earliest patents in this database are around 1840 and the latest is 1979.

Once you have found the patent, you can use the patent number to retrieve the full patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database at For patents before 1971, you will be able to retrieve images only. You will need a tiff format viewer to look at these images. Directions for obtaining a free viewer are on the Patent and Trademark Office site.

The database contains Inventions, Design patents, Re-issued patents and Trademarks. The letter column identifies the type returned. I have not yet determined how to retrieve the Trademark records from the Patent and Trademark office.

Please report any problems with this information to the webmaster.

The Patent and Trademark Office has revised its web site to be more user friendly. One of the not so friendly side effects is that Patent Number Searches now require 7 characters. If the number is smaller than 7 digits, leading zeros may be used to pad out to 7 characters.